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100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Monument Video

100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Monument Video - ABC News

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Transcript for 100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Monument

The hustle and bustle of Mount Vernon is still there restoration of the Washington monument continues. Passing by it might almost seem as if nothing had happened but that could be further from the truth. Christmas morning and being resolved kids again. It's a reasons why we wake up every day. George will the second has been with Lewis contractors for sixteen years he mainly does historical restorations and has made some exciting finds before. Every historical property has the story to tell. Tapped to take the time. Listen to the ability to find out what fell. He was looking into the stability of the wall behind this 1915. Plaque commemorating the monument Centennial. Harvard. The plaque just enough to put my hand behind plaque. Stick a camera back there they don't vote. This is the picture he took of the sealed copper box nestled right behind the plaque. Wilkes sent the picture with a message that read the mystery awaits. He sent it to Lance Humphries the Mount Vernon place conservancy is restoration committee chair. We were hoping that the walls of your time capsule of the history of the monument wall finishes but there was a real time. There is some concern that over the years there may have been some water damage to the contents of the time capsule. Humphries says an article in the sun from 1915. Talked about plans to put some commemorative programs and issues of the paper inside. You can almost feel the people a hundred years ago. Putting this there could be really doesn't matter what's inside so much we suspect that they wanted to leave us something defined.

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"id":26572267,"title":"100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found at Baltimore Monument","duration":"1:44","description":"The copper box was discovered during a restoration project at Baltimore's Washington Monument.","section":"US","mediaType":"Default"



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