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I am at my mom's house cleaning up after her Mobile Home burnt. (a new one is now moved into place) Has anyone else had to help to clean up after a house fire? It is a tough and dirty job isn't it?

So sorry to hear that news Nunya, I knew you were visiting your mum but had no idea about the fire. :( Thankfully she is not hurt and I wish her many happy years in her new home. Just read that 90% of stuff gone too!!! There was a mobile home fire a couple months ago near where I live. It was due to an electrical fault. Luckily owners away and the fire crew were there quickly but it too had to be replaced. Your poor mum has really been through the mill especially losing her dog too. Sorry to hear all of that bad news, but happy she has a daughter like you to lean on. Hugs to you all during this horrible time :):):) Thinking of you..



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