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How To Remove Latex Paint From Concrete

Removing latex paint from concrete surfaces is not the pain or annoyance that you might expect. Typically when you spill paint on concrete you could be setting yourself up for a long arduous clean-up process however it's surprisingly easy to clean up latex paint on concrete. This is because latex tends to bond well to itself but not to the porous surface of concrete.

One other characteristic of latex that makes it easier to remove from concrete surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, and concrete floors is that the latex is a water based paint and can respond well to soapy warm water especially if the spill is relatively small and fairly fresh.

Latex Paint

If this is the case make sure to quickly scrape the top of the spill off of the concrete surface with a straight and flat edge. By removing the top you'll find the rest of the cleanup a bit easier. 

If you are having trouble with a few tough spots you can always try to remove the latex residue with a low power washer with a fan tip. If you go this route however you will have to be careful not to chip or damage any decorative concrete surfaces with the power washer.

If this is a concern then continue using the warm soapy water and scrubbing with your paint scraper. Layer it will be easier to remove the rest of the paint which is in contact with the concrete project you spilled on. Once you have scraped the paint with a scrapper try dabbing the warm soapy water to what is left on the surface and allow the water to loosen the spot. Once you have done this resume scraping.

Oops Latex Paint RemoverThere are also products on the market that can help lift latex paints from concrete surfaces. A basic product found in most hardware stores called Oops Latex Paint Remover. There are many similar products on the market as well. These can be simply dabbed onto small areas of paint drips or smaller spills to help dissolve the paint and allow for easier cleaning. In fact these types of products may simply allow you to wipe the latex right off the cement if the surface will allow it.

Removing latex from concrete, concrete paving slabs, or any other surface will always be easier the quicker you get to it. Make sure to start your cleanup as quickly after a spill or splatter as possible. If you don't waste anytime then cleaning up latex paint won't be too difficult. If anything it will be much easier than removing epoxy off your concrete floor.

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